Oct 18, 2014

Would You Care To See A Few Etchings?

Artwork by Saine

Journal Style

Last fall, I enrolled in an online class, "Sketching and Watercolor: Journal Style," offered by artist Jane LaFazio, who describes herself as a "mixed media artist in paper and cloth."

The first time I saw her work was in Danny Gregory's "An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers." I immediately fell in love with her style and the vibrancy of her work.

Looking for a new class, I decided to visit LaFazio's web site http://janelafazio.com to see what she had to offer. Enrollment was open for the sketching and watercolor course, so I signed up. And I'm glad I did.

Here are three of the lessons I finished:


"Pears: A Study"

"Pucker Up"

Take A Course

This fall, LaFazio is offering two courses: 1. "Sketchbook and Watercolor: Journal Style;" and 2. "Watercolor Sketchbook." I've signed up for the second one, which either begins Nov. 14.

I encourage you to visit her site and look at some of her work. It's incredible!!