Oct 4, 2014

Dear Editor:

Deb Saine
Logansport IN 46947

Oct. 4, 2014

Dear Mr. Beigh:
I received and have read a copy of the news release published on page A8 in the Wednesday, Sept. 10, edition of the Peru Daily Tribune. And while I appreciate the amount of ink you provided for the story about my nephew, Quinn Saine, I was beyond disappointed in the “article.”

For one, this is “old news” coming six months after the excursion ended. And for another, it’s obvious to me that the “article” is nothing more than a standard press release/promotion from NOLS with Quinn’s name rubber-stamped in any blanks that read “name goes here.” My guess is that you received an email from NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) and simply cut and pasted the information and published it verbatim without any attempt to enhance or edit it.

I’m sure you are aware that Quinn no longer lives in Peru (and hasn’t for quite some time), so the information that is listed next to his name and age in the first paragraph are incorrect. He’s a native, a former resident, a graduate of Peru High School, now living in Hawaii. And why no mention of his parents, who do live in Peru? I know you are aware of who my brother is – tennis coach and co-owner of Saine-Summers Insurance?

Why didn’t you or a staff member reach out to Mike for Quinn’s e-mail address, mailing address or telephone number so that you or one of your writers could have contacted him and actually made the effort to truly localize the story? There isn’t one direct quote nor one anectdote about his adventures. And with today’s technology, it also would have been possible for you to request some artwork/photographs from the trip to break up the monotony of four long, boring columns of nothing but black ink.

I know that space for copy is prime real estate in the newspaper industry today more than ever, and I would think you would have made the effort to utilize that precious space for a true feature instead of nothing more than something that reads like it came from a flier.

While I’m inclined to comment on the headline as well, I think I’ve piled enough onto your plate as it is. So, there you have it.

Quite Serious,
Deb Saine